Mom: Man Asked Kid to Urinate on Him in McDonald’s Bathroom

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A night out at McDonald’s usually brings joy to a kid- but for a 9-year-old in Houston, a trip to Mickey D’s was anything but happy.

Diane Stoebner-May had taken her family out for some McNuggets and Big Macs, when 9-year-old Brian used the restroom. His older sister Tori waited outside the door for him and was surprised to see him come out crying. ABC 13 has the details of the incident:

“Christopher, he was standing there, he was crying — and I was like, ‘What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Tell me!'” Tori May said.

“He just followed me into the stall and locked the door and said ‘Get on the toilet so I can pee on you.’ And I said no. And I kept saying no,” Christopher said.

A young man cornered little Christopher in the bathroom stall and repeatedly told him he wanted to urinate on the boy.

Christopher declined the guy’s request and the man left the restaurant.  Stoebner-May immediately filed a police report and police used the restaurant’s surveillance to track down a suspect who was not identified.  According to police the suspect has been in trouble before.

Stoebner-May now says Christopher will always be accompanied to bathrooms by his dad. She wanted to share this story as a warning to other parents.