Mike Wilson just had to talk shit about his opponent on his way out the door

(City of Indio)

Mike Wilson, Indio’s now-former Mayor, has withdrawn his recount in the race for to represent the District Two in the city – but not after ranting about so-called “ballot harvesting: without any evidence first. Typically, a losing candidate might something nice about their opponent (in this case, Indio’s new city council member Waymond Fermon) and possibly a call for unity after an election when they concede – in hopes for the best for the city that they supposedly care enough about to represent as an elected official. But, in the case of Mike Wilson, not so much.

Via Uken Report:

“Serving Indio and its residents has been the honor of a lifetime,” Wilson said. “Ultimately, the residents and voters choose who their elected representatives are and I respect their decision. Only history will reveal whether they made the right choice in this election. Certainly this election was close and very far from any mandate. This election showed Indio still has a strong conservative base.”

So not exactly a unifying message there on his way out the door, but not awful – oh, but wait, there’s more.

Wilson said his opponent’s agenda of marijuana on every Indio street corner, Sanctuary City policies, and taking God and faith out of the City Council Chambers and the Town Square will be a huge mistake for Indio and take the city backward 20 years.

“One wrong decision will quickly (take) away 148 voters and their support, the difference in this election,” Wilson said. “My supporters and Indio residents will be watching closely and will react when necessary.”

Wow. He seems just super.

It’s a wonder that, even though he had name recognition and way more money to spend on the election than Fermon, Wilson just couldn’t get enough votes to win.

Wilson has now vowed to stay involved in the local political scene.  Or don’t.  Maybe just don’t, man.

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  1. did you say the same thing to hillary? have yet so hear her show any grace or class
    and nothing wrong with watching elected and appointed officials
    looks like ballot harvesting was used in indio , not what the system should be built on

    • Get over your Hillary fixation. It is increasingly obvious to even the most clueless that Trumplestiltskin lies and criminal actions are about to ensnare him and his family.
      As for Wilson, he is parroting the identical racist GOP tropes about God, and drugs and thugs designed to scare old white folks into thinking they will be murdered by gangsters, ISIS or PETA activists while going to the senior center.
      Republicans are so frustrated by people who vote as it proves the more people vote, the more they reject the coward of the GOP.