Mike Tyson to bring ‘Undisputed Truth’ to Morongo Casino

The life arc of Mike Tyson – aka the former World’s Baddest Man – has been as unpredictable as the ferocious uppercuts that sent 44 unsuspecting opponents to the canvas during his boxing prime. Dubbed “Iron Mike” as a teenager, he rose from street kid to raw phenom to Heavyweight Champion seemingly in the blink of an eye in the mid-’80s. But then Tyson’s life began to unravel with a messy tabloid divorce followed by a rape conviction, substance abuse and the infamous ear-biting ring assault of Evander Holyfield.

But Iron Mike has always been a fighter (duh), and his image was at least partially redeemed with the Spike Lee-directed “Mike Tyson: Undisputed,” which debuted on HBO in 2013. Almost fours years later to the day, Tyson is bringing his acclaimed one-man stage show to Morongo Casino.

Tickets for the Friday, Oct. 27 performance start at $55 and it appears plenty of seats are available (here).

Tyson remains a conflicted, polarizing figure. Make no mistake – he’s not a great person. But he owns it with remarkable openness and raw honesty. Those attributes, coupled with his unquestioned pugilistic greatness, make “Undisputed” a compelling show.

Personally, I’d rather pay to hear Tyson tell stories stories than pay to watch Mayweather-Macgregor “fight” any day.