Midnight Kardashian Fireworks Show Angers So Cal Residents

An 8 minute long fireworks display, part of a Kardashian party, has residents of Marina Del Rey pissed.

The fireworks went off just after midnight on Tuesday and, because there was no warning to nearby residents, children woke up screaming, dogs barked wildly and some people feared it was a terrorist attack at nearby LAX – reports the LA Times. The local sheriff’s department received 40 calls from people concerned the fireworks were gunfire.

But nope, just Kardashians being Kardashians.

As E Online reports, it was all just part of a birthday party celebration thrown by Khloe Kardashian for boyfriend James Harden’s 26th birthday.  Here is a pic from the party, where everyone wore white (I guess because it is not Labor Day yet):


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Councilman Mike Bonin took to Facebook to complain about the display:

Wednesday, agencies were attempting to figure out who was responsible for allowing the show and if any laws were broken and, according to TMZ, no one is really taking any responsibility:

According to our law enforcement sources … the Coast Guard informed the Sheriff on Monday — via email — that Boulevard Management (Kris Jenner‘s production co.) would be setting off fireworks at 11:59 PM. The CG also made it clear NO permit was necessary.

The Sheriff’s Dept. says because the boat was 100 feet outside the breakwater … the CG was the primary enforcement agency. As for noise violations? Both agencies agree that falls under the Sheriff’s watch — but the Sheriff’s Dept. says it would only check a noise problem IF the Coast Guard reported it.

Here’s why that doesn’t add up. We’re told at least one Sheriff’s official in the area heard the noise himself — plus, there were dozens of 911 complaints about it. So, the Sheriff’s Dept. knew and did nothing.