Having an entitled rich guy as ambassador for local golf tournament just makes sense

By: Tour Pro Golf Clubs
By: Tour Pro Golf Clubs
By: Tour Pro Golf Clubs

Just one day after he was announced as the ambassador for the Coachella Valley’s PGA golf tournament, news surfaced that golfer Phil Mickelson was involved in insider trading and would be paying back close to a million dollars he made off of an illegal stock tip. What a perfect person to be the face of a tournament that is attended primarily by the same type of rich, entitled assholes.

Mickelson has also been tied to a federal money laundering case, according to ESPN, in which a California man is accused of transferring almost $3 million in an illegal gambling operation – which is all allegedly Mickelson’s cash.

Mickelson, who complains all the time that he should be even richer, made $51 million last year alone – so what the hell is he doing dicking around with illegal gambling and insider trading deals? Probably just trying to get even richer by gaming the system, you know, the way most of the 1% does.

Of course, it is these same rich jerks who can afford to play golf regularly.  Hell, stockbrokers are probably even more inclined now to come out to the desert for the tournament and see Phil – as they can clearly see he is trying to game the system as much as they do.

Thursday, Desert Classic Charities, who oversees the tournament, released a statement saying, ‘This is something that’s in the past, and there’s nothing more to it than that. I’m certain that Phil will take care of it, and it will have no effect on our tournament.’

And they are probably right seeing as how no one but rich, entitled assholes were planning on going to the local tournament anyway.