Michelle Obama spent some quality time in Palm Springs this week

Image: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia / CC

It’s Spring Break and plenty of out-of-towners have chosen to spend a few days relaxing in the Palm Springs area including former First Lady Michelle Obama who checked out Joshua Tree National Park and enjoy some tasty pizza, reports the Desert Sun.

Staff with the National Parks Service confirmed Michelle Obama went hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. She was also sighted having dinner at Birba in the city’s uptown district with daughter Sasha and another woman.

You’ve got to give it to her, Joshua Tree and Birba are some solid choices – although, I made some really good tacos the other day and had leftovers so she could’ve come by and hung out for a bit. I also had a friend give me a bootleg copy of Ready Player One and would’ve ordered some dessert from Uber Eats.  Her loss.

Obama was in the desert for four days, according to the newspaper and most likely stayed where the Obamas normally stay: at the Rancho Mirage home of James Costos and Michael Smith and not at the house that everyone said the Obamas bought, but they did not in fact actually buy.