By: Chris Eason
By: Chris Eason

Thankfully in America we have sandwich “artists” that know how to put toppings on your sandwich. Sadly, our neighbors to the north do not. And when they screw up, they myst be kept in line – by throwing a live snake at them!

According to Saskatoon, Canada police report, two 20-year-old men ordered sandwiches at a Tim Hortons restaurant. They became very,very angry because they wanted their onions diced, something the employee was not going to do for them.  This led to the throwing of a snake,  A snake!!!!

From the police report:

Police were called to the restaurant in the 600 block of 22nd Street West at approximately 7:30 a.m, December 8, 2014. Staff members had fled the store in fear after a snake was thrown behind the counter. They reported that two male customers had been arguing with an employee about the preparation of their sandwiches. The men wanted their onions diced. As the argument escalated one of the men reached into the pocket of his friend’s coat, pulled out a snake and threw it behind the counter. No one was physically injured. Officers were able to quickly locate the snake and determined it was non-poisonous. They took the snake and the two men, who were located nearby, into custody.

The 2 men were taken into custody and charged them with mischief and causing a disturbance.

They never got their diced onions.

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