Meet “The Wohl Of Wall Street”, a 17-Year-Old Hedge Fund Manager in The I.E.

17 Year Old Wiz Kid

What were you doing at 17-years-old? If you were like me, you were working some low paying job to help scrape together enough cash for gas, Big Macs, and party supplies.
Jacob Wohl took a different direction, choosing to become a hedge fund manager.

So far Wohl, a high schooler in Corona, has has about 20 investors and a nickname: “The Wohl of Wall Street”. Those investors include family members, friends, and even teachers and coaches.

(I would like to see one of these teachers with their savings invested with Wohl try to give him a failing grade now. “Oh, you are going to fail me? Too bad you won’t be able to make that house payment next month Mr. Jones.”)

The KTLA report does not get into many specifics about Wohl or his business and the whole thing could turn out to be total bullshit (anyone remember Lenny Dykstra on ‘Real Sports’?). And if not, Wohl will one day have the money to pay me off to take that line out of this article.