Meet the Man Who Believes California’s Drought is a Government Conspiracy

(Screengrab: CBS 13)

So sure, you know the drought is bad. But did you know it is all a government conspiracy, man?

Meet Dane Wigington. During his interview with Sacramento’s CBS 13, Wigington claimed to be “putting his life on the line” to get the word out about the truth that will “shake society to its core!” That truth: the government is behind the drought.

And Wigington has plenty of evidence like a grainy, shaky video that he claims shows government forces using planes to spray fine particles of heavy metals, such as aluminum, into the sky. And why are they doing that? Wigington says it is to block some of the sun’s direct rays from reaching the earth in as a way of slowing global warming – but those very particles are blocking the rain from coming to California because of course!

Wigington says that, off the record, many scientists and even congressional representatives have told him that he is right.

But of course, the actual scientist that was willing to go on the record with the TV station says that there is no way this is happening.  But that has not stopped lots of people from jumping onboard Wigington’s drought conspiracy bandwagon. A recent event by his group GeoEngineering Watch drew 1,000 people from all over the country.

You can watch the interview below – then debate with your friends in the comments if it is true that the government is behind the drought, or is it the very much alive Tupac and Elvis, the aliens at Area 51, or the film crew who faked the moon landing.