Meet the Guy Accused of Squatting an Airbnb Rental In Palm Springs


Intrepid CBS Local 2 KESQ reporter Samantha Cortese today ventured out to the Palm Springs neighborhood where a man is accused of squatting in an Airbnb rental:

A neighbor — only identified as ‘Yoyo’– tells us the tenant is named Maksym Pashanin.

Well if you can not trust someone identified only as ‘Yoyo’ who can you trust?  Other neighbors chimed in that it was Pashanin who was staying with his brother:

“Every time they would just hang out together, I never really knew, they were drinking iced tea or something,” said neighbor Jeremy Fraser.

And it looks like the squatter may not just be scamming on Airbnb.

A contributor to the crowdfunding website ‘Kickstarter’ alerted our stations to ‘Confederate Express’, a computer game created by Pashanin.

People have donated $40,000 to fund the game and many are crying scam. They said it’s been eight months without anything more than this demo.

Pashanin recently told the gaming site that he made some bad business decisions and reassured his fans the game would be released.

Airbnb did not confirm that Pashanin is the tenant, but KESQ claims neighbors (Yoyo perhaps?) said the picture of him from Kickstarter is indeed the man.

(Image via Kickstarter)