Meanwhile, on the local Facebook Live

(Facebook / KMIR)

Man, sweeps month on the local tv news has been lit. The month of November is only half-way over and already we’ve seen the local stations do special segments on weed, floods, the ridiculous Palm Springs Walk of Stars, and porn stars running for President. Thursday, KMIR stepped things up even more by having a local dude destroy an assault rifle on Facebook Live. And no matter how you come down on the issue of guns in this country, seeing this in the middle of your sister posting pics of her kids and your old high school boyfriend asking for mechanic recommendations, it was, well, let’s just say sweeps month is the weirdest.

Below is a Facebook Live video from Thursday by KMIR of the “local man in Bermuda Dunes” who owns multiple guns, including an AR-15 he destroys in the video.  As reporter Lauren Day says, it’s her story at 4 pm, but really this is the story.

“I believe in the 2nd Ammendment,” he says in the video before adding, “but weapons of mass destruction will not be kept in my home.”

Then, a short time later, SMASH!  CUT!  SMASH!!

A change of heart. Why is this local destroying his gun? The reason might surprise you. Join Lauren Day KMIR at 4PM for this KMIR News exclusive.

Posted by KMIR News on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Also, and this has to be pointed out, the video was more entertaining than seeing some rando smashing his Keurig.

And because the Internet is nothing without well thought out and civil comments, here is just some of what people had to say:

“Good now I can break into his house”

“So he goes public. Attention seeker”

“Brainwash by the Media”

“what’s his address? Now that’s unprotected now…”

“Well this guy destroyed his gun.. so I guess there won’t be any more mass shootings. Great news guys!”

“What happens when he’s robbed by people with A.R. 15’s how was he supposed to fight back. they are so easy to get on the street almost every criminal has one now a days”

The Internet, man.  What a place to be.