McDonald’s will no longer sell you a Filet-O-Fish after midnight

If you are hungry for a Filet-O-Fish or McChicken sandwich late at night, you better get to Mickey D’s before the clock strikes midnight.

The restaurant chain is scaling back its “after midnight” menu, Nation’s Restaurant News. Now, unlike a Gremlin, you are not forbidden from eating after midnight at McDonald’s – as they will still be offering the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, fries, and some other staples, just not everything on the menu will be available.

But don’t worry, the All-Day Breakfast Menu will still be…you guessed it…all day.

“We always want our customers’ experiences to be simple, smooth and delicious—any time of day,” the company said in a statement. “That means, day and night, we’re always looking for ways to serve them even better.”

McDonald’s is hoping that a smaller menu will help streamline things and get food to its late-night customers faster.

The new policy goes into effect on April 30.