Marilyn Manson performed while pointing a fake gun at the crowd in San Bernardino


Marilyn Manson, who you are probably surprised to learn is still around and performing, was at the Glen Helen Amphitheater near San Bernardino on Sunday night where he performed a song while pointing a fake rifle out the crowd.  The performance came just hours after 26 people were killed by a gunman in Texas and was just 10 miles away from the site of a mass shooting in which 15 people were killed in 2015.

Manson, who was performing in a wheelchair after a September leg injury, pulled out the fake weapon for his song, “We Know Where You F****** Live,” and proceeded to aim it at the crowd while the drummer simulated rapid gunfire, according to the Sun – who notes that some in the crowd found the stunt to be pretty dumb:

He has always aimed for the shock value or to be provocative and though some that were in the crowd thought it was “lame,” the stunt didn’t seem to truly bother anyone else, especially with the handful of San Bernardino Sheriffs standing on either side of the stage.

You can see video, if you want, at TMZ.