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Map Shows Drug Addiction Trends Across America

Map Shows Drug Addiction Trends Across America

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The team at Withrawal.net wanted to bring a better understanding to the general public about America’s drug culture. As most drug users do not speak openly about their habits, Google trends were used to create the above map – which shows the most searched drug by state.

And while the map may be colorful and fun to look at – the results are very serious:

California has experienced a rise in new and dangerous forms of meth, becoming the leader in searches for the illicit stimulant. After Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, Denver is now a hub of cannabis-related searches. In Pennsylvania, heroin has been described as an “epidemic.” And Massachusetts, where a doctor was indicted for illegally prescribing massive amounts of the opiate replacement medication Suboxone, shows the most searches for the drug.

National trends in drug searches likewise reflect trends in illicit drug usage and popularity. After its 2005–2006 peak, interest in meth has once again soared as the drug continues to infiltrate American communities. And as addictive prescription painkillers have become more tightly regulated, heroin has become an increasingly popular substitute.

Results were also broken down for major cities:


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