Man survives 3 days in the desert with only crackers and beer

A man is lucky to be alive after spending nearly 72 hours stuck in the middle of the Arizona desert surviving on only crackers and beer.

Mick Ohman decided to take a new way from Crown King to Prescott that ran through the middle of nowhere and got his truck stuck, according to Fox 11.

“The problem is, the road got more narrow, steeper and rougher and there was a sheer drop off on one side and I didn’t have time to maneuver until it was too late,” said Ohman.

Without cell phone service, Ohman hiked about a mile to try to find a signal but was not successful. He returned to his truck tired and thirsty so he finished off some carbonated water and beer he had in the truck.

The second day, Ohman found a stream near his truck and was able to get water. ┬áHe tried numerous ways to get rescued including shooting a gun in Morse code, building an “H” out of rocks, and starting a fire, according to 10 News – but, none of them worked.

Then, on his third day stranded, he was seen by a dirt biker and rescued.

Ohman says he lost 14 pounds during his three days in the desert but is doing ok.

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