Man stabbed girlfriend in Costco parking lot, then tried to light himself on fire in Temecula, say police


A man who police say stabbed his girlfriend in the parking lot of the Carlsbad Costco later tried to light himself on fire in Temecula.

The stabbing happened on Friday afternoon at the Costco near Legoland, according to the LA Times. The suspect, 62-year-old Charles Higgins, fled the scene.

A few hours later, Border Patrol agents in Temecula spotted the suspect and pulled him over.

Higgins ignored the commands of the officers and poured gasoline on his clothes. Agents were able to open the car door and knock a lighter from his hand. His clothes were described as being heavily stained with blood.

The woman was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Her condition had improved by Wednesday, according to NBC 7. She is currently listed in stable condition.