Man found dead inside refrigerator in the middle of Ontario street


Police are investigating after the bizarre discovery Tuesday morning of a man’s body inside of a refrigerator that was in the middle of an Ontario road.

The fridge was first spotted on Hope Street by Steve Kelly, who told the Press Enterprise that it is not uncommon to find odd things dumped in the road by people in that area – but, when he went to inspect it, he found the body of a man stuffed inside.

“I wasn’t sure if he was alive or dead so I thumped on the side (of the refrigerator) three times, and when he didn’t move, I knew he was dead,” Kelley told the newspaper.

The victim has not been released, but is believed to be a man in his mid to late 30s. Police are investigating and suspect the refrigerator was driven to the area and dumped.

Anyone with info should call Ontario Police at (909) 986-6711.