Man arrested for stealing patio furniture after he hired someone to bring it back

A man was arrested in Temecula after police say he stole high-end patio furniture then hired someone to bring it back.

(Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.)

Scott Spencer was arrested on Tuesday after police stopped a U-Haul truck returning to the home in De Luz where they say he took $5,000 worth of patio furniture last week, reports the Press Enterprise.

The homeowner called police upon seeing someone in a U-Haul unload the stolen furniture in their yard and drive away. The victim followed the truck and alerted police. The truck was pulled over and deputies interviewed the driver who said he was hired by Spencer to return the furniture.

Spencer was then located and arrested.

On Feb. 15, surveillance video captures a man taking items from the yard of a home. It was posted on social media in hopes of catching the culprit.

There was also video of the man ringing the doorbell to see if anyone was home first:

And video of him arriving in an SUV with a trailer attached:

Spencer was charged with grand theft and for violating his federal probation.