Man arrested for stealing from cars parked at the Bump and Grind Trail

Police arrested a 34-year-old Blythe man on Thursday for breaking into vehicles parked near the Bump and Grind Trail.

Matthew Alan Ray was arrested around 5 p.m. in Blythe, reports KMIR, after evidence from the vehicle burglaries was located in his possession.

Authorities say that Ray stole items from cars parked near the Bump and Grind and Edgehill and Thrush Street.

Ray was booked on suspicion of vehicle burglary.

If you plan on going hiking, here are some tips to keep your valuables safe, via WTA:

  • Leave all valuables at home.
  • Lock any bags, extra clothing or items that look like contain valuables inside the trunk or place them well out of sight before you arrive at the trailhead. Any place in your vehicle you think is a sneaky hiding spot, thieves know about.
  • Take credit cards, driver’s license, phone and anything else of value with you in your pack. Consider a ziploc sandwich bag for these items. (note: Amazon offers a ton of cool items that will help you carry your stuff – and water bottles – on the trail)
  • Put a sign in your car’s window that says, “No Valuables in Vehicle.” Sure, it’s laughable, but it might help any shady characters decide that their chances of “getting the goods” are slim.
  • Do a lap around the parking lot before taking to the trail. Are there people just sitting in their cars, appearing to be waiting for something? Use your creep-ometer scale and avoid leaving your car if the scale starts sliding upward