Man arrested for pouring boiling water on his girlfriend’s dog

(San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept.)

A 22-year-old man was arrested after police say he poured scalding water onto a caged dog Tuesday night.

Two teenagers called authorities after they say they witnessed and recorded a man use a tea kettle to pour boiling water over his girlfriend’s dog on the balcony of an apartment building in Chino Hills, according to ABC 7.

Police arrived and, when they entered the apartment, found the dog, still wet and warm, in the cage and spotted an electric tea kettle on a warming plate, which had been turned off.

“But when I touched it, that thing was still scorching hot. I couldn’t even put my hand on it,” Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Renear told the Sun.

Police learned that the dog had the hot water poured on it at least five times and arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and animal control officers took possession of the dog.

It’s unclear if the dog will be returned to its owner.


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