Man Arrested for Assault With Slice of Pizza

assault with pizza

assault with pizza

A Florida man was arrested for assaulting his roommate with a delicious, hot, and spicy weapon: a slice of pizza.

Daniel Allen Plunkett, 50 of Treasure Island Florida, was arrested June 3 at his home on charges of simple battery. The details via Tampa Tribune:

Plunkett’s roommate, Brenda Fiejdasz, and another witness told police that Plunkett came out of his room and had an argument with Fiejdasz about pizza before throwing the slice and striking her left hand, according to the criminal complaint.

The pizza was hot and Fiejdasz had sauce on her shoulder, but she wasn’t injured, the complaint says.

Cops noted that Plunkett was shirtless at the time of his arrest (typical Florida) and had sauce on his chest.  Plunkett claims he did not throw any pizza – rather, it was Fiejdasz who threw pizza on him!  The complaint states that Plunkett was shirtless and had sauce on his chest.

No word if cops confiscated the cheesy, tasty “weapon” as part of their investigation.