Man Accused of Pulling Gun on Repair Guy Who Could Not Fix His A/C

(Orange County Sheriff's Department)
(Orange County Sheriff's Department)
(Orange County Sheriff’s Department)

An Orange County guy was arrested after allegedly pulling out a gun and pointing it at a repairman who told him that he could not fix his air conditioning unit. Summer just can not end fast enough.

A repairman was called to the home of Babak Heravi in Tustin on August 27th. At some point during the appointment, the repairman told Heravi that he did not have the tools needed to fix what was wrong with the air conditioning unit and so he would would have to schedule another time to come back, reports

Heravi was not having it though.  According to the cops, he allegedly pulled a small-sized silver automatic pistol from his right pocket and said, “I’m not letting you leave. See this you’re not leaving.”

The repairman did leave.  He ran to to his car, called for help, and the SWAT team arrived a short time later.

Heravi was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and later released on bail.  To this point, no charges have been filed.