Lucerne Valley man finds mountain lion next to his washer and dryer

It was not this mountain lion as this is a file photo (Tony Hisgett / Flickr / CC)

A Lucerne Valley man has a valid excuse for never wanting to do laundry ever again.

Sean Ishol says he was in the garage getting ready to do some laundry when he noticed his dogs on the ground, whimpering and that’s when he noticed there was a mountain lion in his garage.

Ishol told ABC7 that he thought the cougar was one of his kids’s stuffed animals at first, but nope. It was a freakin’ mountain lion – so Ishol got the hell out of the garage, but quickly realized his wife still in there and backed into a corner – so he grabbed a piece of PVC pipe to protect, just in case, and helped her back out slowly from the garage.

“Worst case scenario, I would have leaped in front of my wife and taken the hit,” he told Fox News.

What the family didn’t know what that the mountain lion, a female, was in very poor health.

State Fish and Wildlife officials responded and determined that the lion was in such poor condition that she had to be euthanized.