Lovestruck Palm Springs Walmart Shopper Seeks “Mesmerizing” Woman With Handmade Cane

(by Mike Mozart, Flickr)

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]Walmart Craigslist[/media-credit]If you were strolling around The Palm Springs Walmart prior to Valentine’s Day with your “mesmerizing eyes” and your handmade cane, someone is looking for you on the missed connections section on Craigslist:

hand made cane

With pickup lines like “and what’s in YOUR basket?” how did she never call “Gary From Walmart” with the nice bike?  Please contact this man, he needs to hear more stories about your cane.

The full Craigslist post reads:

Right before Valentines day. You were the gorgeous woman in line behind me at Walmart. You made a comment about my groceries, “interesting combination”…to which I turned around (was mesmerized by your eyes) and said “and what’s in YOUR basket?” Then I saw your cane. An incredible hand-made jobby. After our purchases, we stood and talked. Time stood still….but I didn’t know if you were as interested as I was….so I asked if this was the time to exchange numbers. You said YES. You gave me your phone and I typed in my number. My name, followed by the words, “from walmart”. But I never called my phone from yours. Meaning…I don’t HAVE your number. I figured if you were really interested you’d call. This way, I wouldn’t be bugging you. I jumped on my motorcycle, rode by you out front and you said, “Nice bike!”
Would LOVE to hear about you…and more stories about your cane. And to look deep into those incredible eyes of yours…..

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