A lot of people are falling for this ridiculous Desert Trip 2017 fake lineup

An April Fool’s Day prank by LA Weekly fooled plenty of people on Saturday.

The publication posted an article with the following hilarious lineup which included Kanas, REO Speedwagon, and a David Bowie hologram Saturday morning.

(LA Weekly)

The article also featured some hilarious made-up quotes:

After last year’s Desert Trip grossed an estimated $160 million, fans and industry observers assumed there would be a sequel. Although speculation ran rampant that more superstar names would participate, the insider confirmed that Goldenvoice had difficulty booking A-list talent, especially after rival concert company Live Nation announced an Oldchella-style festival at Dodger Stadium featuring the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey and Steely Dan.

“That really killed us,” the insider told L.A. Weekly. “And then Rush, Clapton and Paul Simon all retired, and Billy Joel wanted way too much money. Springsteen agreed to do it but only if he could play for six hours, so that was a non-starter. U2 were afraid it would make them look too old. Black Sabbath said yes, but then tried to get us to change the name to Ozzchella. It’s been a nightmare.”

A link at the end of the post took readers not to information about tickets, but the Wikipedia page for April Fool’s.

Here’s guessing not everyone clicked on that…

Tomorrow you can start believing some of the thing you see on the internet again.