Looking to shed those Holiday pounds? 24 Hour Fitness is waiving initiation fees all January.

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It’s way too easy to put on a few extra pounds during the Holidays. I mean, c’mon – with all the food, candy, booze and such, just about everyone is feeling that waistband to be just a bit tighter these days. But, that’s okay, you can get losing it now and without paying any initiation fees as 24 Hour Fitness is waiving them all the way through January.

24 Hour Fitness has designed their Indio gym to excite and motivate, with studio classes, innovative training programs, and ample workout space to help you get into your zone and get moving – and, with just because your getting lighter, it doesn’t mean that your wallet has to, since you are holding onto those initiation fees.

Plus, it’s 24 Hour Fitness, so no matter what your schedule, they will be open for you.  Check out more about 24 Hour Fitness and their special January offer here.