The long, dumb Palm Springs election finally ends today

Today is election day bringing an end to a super long city council election in Palm Springs and, let’s be honest here, almost no chance of anything changing in the city.

The campaign – which has included a Hitler controversy, a Republican candidate upset that he’s a Republican, Harold Matzner throwing a bunch of money around (as always), and a barrage of television commercials airing in every city all the way to Coachella (smart use of money, candidates) – began last December. LAST DECEMBER!!!

But now, thank God, it will end and there will be two new candidates on a city council known best for handing out buckets of cash to developers, nixing anything that might bring people joy, and not holding the overpaid city officials accountable for any of their fuckups. Will the new council members do anything to change any of this?  We’ll see.

This election will also see a decision by voters on whether to raise taxes in Palm Springs to the highest levels in the county with Measure D – despite the fact that there appears to already be plenty of tax money to spend on bullshit – and will once again give the city officials who got the city into its financial predicament a pass and, since it’s Palm Springs, probably a raise.

And while I know you’re busy with work and the kids and Stranger Things 2, be sure to get out and vote today, Palm Springs.  Who knows, maybe your vote will actually help bring the change that the city desperately needs.