Local group to spend Election Day ‘observing’ you while you vote


For reasons that I’m sure have nothing to do with a certain orange windbag spreading lies about the election being rigged (unless he wins, then obviously it works fine), a group of twelve people will “observe” voters in areas of the Coachella Valley that typically vote Democrat this Election Day.

The Desert Sun reports that twelve volunteers met for hours on Tuesday in Palm Springs to discuss their plans for Election Day – and man, does it sound like a fun day for them:

So long as the observers don’t communicate with voters and generally stay out of the way of poll workers while keeping their cell phones in their pockets, their presence in the polling stations is legal. Weiss distributed forms Tuesday on which the volunteers are supposed to write down any suspicious incidents, all of which will be compiled and later turned over to county registrars and the California Secretary of State for consideration.

Sounds like a super fun day, yeah?  But hey, whatever it takes to intimidate voters Make American Great Again!

The group plans on going to “vulnerable” places like college campuses and senior care facilities – so, if you have some time, maybe head over to one of those locations to watch these “observers” and write down anything and everything that they do that looks suspicious and then compile it all and turn it over to the registrar and state officials.

Because it sounds a bit to me like these people just might be trying to rig the election.