Live explosives discovered in Bermuda Dunes home

Officials responded to a Bermuda Dunes home on Thursday night after the discovery of explosive devices inside the residence.

The Riverside County Gang Impact Team (GIT) requested assistance from Riverside County Sheriff’s Hazardous Device Team (HDT) after finding military ordnance items and suspected explosives at a residence on Darrell Drive in Bermuda Dunes, according to a news release. GIT was serving a search warrant for illegal drugs at the location when they found the ordnance items.

Bomb making materials and live explosives were located inside of the residence, including more than 100 lbs. of homemade explosives and military ordnance items, including C4.

DT personnel assisted with the safe recovery of explosive making materials and the processing of the scene. Two of the items were deemed too unstable and unsafe to transport/store and were disposed of, which resulted in the reports of two explosions.

There were no injuries or damage sustained during the investigation.