Little Pumbaas Born at The Living Desert

little warthogs

little warthogs

The circle of life continues at The Living Desert as new parents Squiggy and Leia unveiled mini-warthogs this week.

Newborn warthogs are unable to effectively maintain a constant body temperature and remain in, or close to, the burrow for several weeks where the temperature and humidity are relatively constant.

“We’re excited to welcome these adorable piglets to The Living Desert,” said Allen Monroe,
President/CEO of The Living Desert in a press release. “A typical litter averages two to four piglets, so we’re excited to see if any more emerge from their den. We love seeing our population grow.”

Warthog piglets

“The animal department staff is closely observing this development from a safe distance,” said
Monroe. “We want to give Leia the space she needs to nurture her new family.”

No word on what the official names of the little creatures will be, not that it matters since all warthogs are Pumbaa.