A Little Girl Ran Into Santa at a Diner in Indiana

santa diner

It is about to get real busy for the jolly, old fat man – so how does he spend his last remaining calm days of the year? By hanging out in a diner in Evansville Indiana.

Three-year-old Gracie Lynn was eating breakfast with her parents at a Bob Evans and she was very excited to see the guy who brings her presents every year at the booth next to her.

Seeing her opportunity, Gracie moved in. She sat down next to Santa Claus and chatted him up. First, she asked to move in with him and Mr.s Claus at the North Pole (gotta be better than Indiana…amirite?) Then she told him that she did not want and presents (wtf!!!) – rather, she would like her baby brother to arrive (Gracie’s mom has a due date in 3 weeks)

WFIE “tracked down Santa” at a nearby mall (and held up the line of kids!) where he said he had “a few surprises” for Gracie this year. So she has that going for her, which is nice.

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