Someone ran over this Palm Springs sculpture on purpose

Jungle Red Warm Sands

Above is what the “Jungle Red” sculpture used to look like at the corner of Ramon Road and Warm Sands Drive in Palm Springs. But, after a driver ran it down intentionally, this is what it looks like now:

The unnamed motorist plowed into the art piece on October 10th of this year and police believe that they did it intentionally!

“A driver crashed into it on purpose and was taken for mental health eval,” Palm Springs Police Lt. Mike Kovaleff told The Desert Sun in an email on Monday.  There was no further word on what exactly caused the driver to plow down “Jungle Red”.

Created by artist Delos Van Earl in 2008, “Jungle Red” is oil enamel on steel that stands 16 feet tall and 16 feet wide.  It was named by area residents as a reference to the color of nail polish in the 1939 Joan Crawford film, “The Women” – as seen in this clip:

The city has been in contact with the artist in hopes of restoring the piece.

If that does not work out, there is always Homer Simpson:

homer art