Like the message or not, Cactus Hugs is a ‘strong, gutsy’ blog

Did you happen to see this totally real and totally legit letter written about the El Paseo MAGA display that was  posted by the Desert Sun today?

The letter, which you can read here, calls the El Paseo display, “the biggest advertising success around.”  And, yeah ok. sure it was 👌.  The absolutely real letter also states, “only a strong, savvy and gutsy woman would do what she did with her storefront.”

Anyway, you might want to go ahead and write a letter to the editor promoting a bizarre window display that you are doing at your business all while calling yourself the greatest (or better yet, why not write something about the “stong, gutsy” blog that is Cactus Hugs?) –  as it appears that the local paper will print just about anything these days.

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  1. The Desert Sun still exisits? wow, pretty cool, I loved the Desert Sun, I used everytime to really get my windshied clean and the bugs off my bumber, but never on the inside, casue with all the Bull Sh$% they write, it will stick to your seats, the top of your mouth and for those who dont have a self thinking ability it will stick inside your hot air heads. MAGA. oh please a MAGA D*&#stain