Let’s try to figure out the 2018 Coachella art based on the venue map

It’s nearly time for the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and that means a ton of people flooding into the Palm Springs area, loads of great music, plenty of killer food, and your Instagram flooded with selfies in front of massive art sculptures. So what will those art installations at the Empire Polo Club look like this year? Well, based on the just released festival map, we have a pretty good idea.

First the map for this year:

Ahhh, yes. Take it in. It’s always glorious – though it would be more realistic to show the grounds with a zillion people on it.

Anyway, now onto the art and what my best guess is for each.

Giant Slinky Thing

It’s fun for a girl and a boy!

The Guinness Record for Largest Jungle Gym in the World or a Bird Cage

Want a great view of Beyonce’s set? Just climb to the top! Okay, they probably won’t let you do that. But, it would make for a hell of a game of King of the Hill if they did.

This might also be a huge bird cage and, at the conclusion of the event, everyone eats the big bird inside.  No kids, don’t worry.  Not the Big Bird, just a large bird all dehydrated from three days at Coachella without enough water and being on too many drugs.

Space Shuttle Flower

Who needs rocket fuel when your spaceship is powered by chlorophyll?

Floating Hydroponics System

Check out the shadow on the pic!  That thing is floating.  I know that marijuana is legal in California now and all, but, man, did Coachella find a cool way to grow their own.

Note: I am sure the real art will be much cooler that my dumb guesses and I look forward to a weekend of seeing non-stop pics of everyone standing in front of it on my Insta feed.