Let’s talk Halloween candy


It’s here! Tonight is one of the best nights of year!! You get to send your kids out to grab bags full of free candy all so you can keep the best ones for yourself – errr, I mean get rid of the “bad ones” for your kid’s safety *wink*.

So what kind of candy should people be handing out to Trick or Treaters this year?

Well, we already know what they should not be handing out: anything not candy. Screw the lady with the pennies and the neighborhood dentist and his toothbrushes, amirite?

As for the candy, well anything chocolate is preferred – especially this year in the Coachella Valley, as it’s not a million degrees on Halloween for once.

Some non-chocolate treats are cool.  Sour Patch Kids, licorice (red not gross black), and anything that is not Neccos or  candy corn – which we all know are two of the grossest food items ever concocted – will definitely work.

So what kind of candy do you want to steal from your kid’s bag this year?  Let’s discuss…