Let’s pause for a moment and watch this amazing Monster Truck flip

Going on the internet everyday can be tough. Before opening your browser, you take a deep breath and wonder, what the hell happened now? Well, lucky for you, this post is not one of those things. Nope. It is amazing. It is joyful. It is a MONSTER TRUCK DOING A FRONT FLIP!!!

Yes, That happened!

Here it is again in slow motion.

As the Washington Post notes, the driver is Lee O’Donnell – who is behind the wheel of Mad Scientist, a 1,500-horsepower four-wheeler.

O’Donnell accomplished the first even front flip this past weekend at the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas – which he, obviously, won.

You can watch O’Donnell’s entire run below, with the big flip coming about 2:15 in.

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