Let’s open a churro stand in the Palm Springs Airport cell phone lot

Waiting to pick someone up at the cell phone lot at the Palm Springs International can be, well, boring. So, let’s add a little delicousness and a nice entrepreneurial opportunity at the same time.

The parking area, where you sit and wait for your loved one to return from a business trip (or your friend who was too cheap to just take a damn Uber home), sits about two minutes away from the terminal and, on most nights sees a steady stream of cars that park and wait for a text to drive on up and pick someone up at the curb.

Right now, it’s just a parking lot. But, and go with me here, why not a parking lot with a churro stand! It would entice more people to actually want to pick people up at the airport – as, hey, an excuse to have a churro! Plus, how rad would it be after a long day of traveling and dealing with the hell that is air travel to have someone immediately hand you a hot, tasty churro upon your arrival to Palm Springs? It could be like getting a Hawaiian lei, but way more delicious.

Hell, Uber and Lyft drivers (now finally allowed at Palm Springs International Airport) could hand them out too.

mmmm, churros

Now, yes, I know, there’s a Jack in the Box like two minutes away from the airport where you could wait instead and grab some of those gross, yet delicious tacos or a a Jumbo Jack – and then just make the person you are picking up wait an extra three minutes to get picked up. But, you wouldn’t have to do that if you had a churro stand in the cell lot, would you?

If you’re a local Coachella Valley entrepreneur, the idea is all yours to make happen. I know startups are tough, so fee free to just pay me back with free churros.