The weather is cooling off and that means you-know-who is coming back to town to drive slow, tip bad, and show off their entitlement.

With the return of the snowbirds, there is always a flood of memes that will appear in your newsfeed. Here are some from last year:

Palm Springs Snowbird Meme 1

Palm Springs Snowbird Meme 2

Palm Springs Snowbird Meme 6

This year, in order to keep Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fresh – let’s make some new snowbird memes.

Add your memes (you can use this meme generator or whichever one you prefer) to the comments on our Facebook page.  Then, if and when we get some fantastic new memes, you can pick and choose which one to share away the next time a blue hair from Vancouver cuts you off on Fred Waring.

We can't stop the snowbirds from coming back, but we can at least come up with some new memes.

Posted by Cactus Hugs on Thursday, October 8, 2015

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