Actress Ashley Tisdale is on her way to Coachella and she has a backpack chock full of product placements important festival necessities that she says in a YouTube video that you should be taking into the festival too.  Tisdale admits that she has never been to the festival – but Vanessa goes all the time!! I know, right? – so let’s see how she did.



Ashley has been to Palm Springs “tons of times” and knows how hot it can be. She recommends using “spf,” or what you or I might call sunscreen. And you know what?  She is right!  This is a solid Coachella backpack item.

Dried Mango


Ashley gets hungry when she is running around with friends and these Trader Joe’s bad boys are tasty. Unfortunately, Ashley did not read the Coachella rules about outside food and will be throwing these away at security check.



This is also outside food and, perhaps more importantly, super gross. It will also not make it into the festival.

Almond Butter


Ashley is really going to be throwing a lot of food away at her first Coachella.



Ashley thinks these particular glasses are “so cool and go with everything.” She doesn’t say anything about protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays, so we will just consider that a nice bonus. This is a solid Coachella backpack item.



Ashley explains that a few years ago she saw her friends wearing bandanas around their necks at Coachella and thought it was a cool “stylistic” thing. Her friends explained that to her that, no, they were not wearing bandanas to look cool, but because the Empire Polo Club can quickly turn into a dusty, Coughchella-inducing hell hole. So now Ashley is bringing a bandana in case there is another “little storm.” This is a solid Coachella backpack item.

“Cool Headband”


Ashley plans on using this in case she gets sticky and gross. A bonus: it is cute and “boho.” Everyone at Coachella gets sticky and gross so this is a solid Coachella backpack item.

Evian Spray


Evian has a spray? Dafuq? Seriously, this is a thing? Ashley says this mist “literally revitalizes you”and is going to spray it on her face. I would like to take her word for it as she just seems so nice, but I can’t get over the fact that Evian spelled backwards is naive. This just seems like a terrible Coachella backpack item.

Disposable Camera


Ashley is bringing a disposable camera in place of a more expensive one – which would not be allowed in the fest anyway. Ashley also doesn’t have a camera on her phone, I suppose? This is not a good Coachella backpack item.

Dry Shampoo


Ashley explains that this particular item is not actually going into Coachella, so it should not be in the Coachella backpack, rather the Coachella luggage.  We are not counting this one.

Citron Glazed Hand Cream


“When you are out in the desert, you get dry. You don’t want dry hands.” Dry hands do suck. Also, Easter is near and anything Citron Glazed sounds good on a ham or hands, I suppose.  This is a solid Coachella backpack item.

Pistachio Brûlée Lip Balm


Lip balm is good to have on a hot desert day, but dammit Ashley, why you gotta make me hunt down the symbols used to type “brûlée” – anyway, I will let it slide, as this is a solid Coachella backpack item.



Ashley knows she is going to smell terrible at some point and she is bringing this to mask the odor. This is a solid Coachella backpack item.



This is by far the best and most important thing she is bringing.

Overall Ashley’s bag is decent.  I would say she should put an empty water bottle in there in place of all that food she is going to throw away, but she probably gets free VIP wristbands and I just imagine the VIP area being filled with people who will hand over a canteen full of coconut water with a snap of the fingers.

Here’s her video:

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