Let’s check in on some of the amazing Airbnb offerings still available for Coachella

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival beings on Friday, bringing with it over 100,000 festival goers, artists, staff, media, and more to the Greater Palm Springs Area.  With so many people headed to town, one might think accommodations might be hard to come by – but there are still some fine options available at Airbnb.

The last minute Coachella options include these short-term rentals:

Pitching a tent on this lawn in Thermal for $100 a night:

And the listing offers more than just land 7 miles away from the event, there is also an outhouse and water from a well!

Camp out in this Cathedral City yard

For those looking for the camping out in the backyard experience, but not looking to be anywhere near the festival grounds, this plot of grass in Cathedral City will run you $145 per night.

Another yard to camp on…but wait, there might be tacos!

This Airbnb listing will let you camp out on a lawn in the city of Coachella for the low, low price of $50…but wait, there’s more!

The place is listed as “4/30 friendly” and food, drinks, & transportation are available for extra and they did post this picture of some good looking tacos:

Okay, now I am honestly thinking about booking the place.

This Closet in Mountain Center

Yes, this is an actual closet.  As the listing proudly proclaims, “No life is complete without the experience of sleeping in a closet 🙂 and whether your closet has too many skeletons to sleep in, or is just too full of stuff, here is your opportunity :)”

And at only $123 a night, what a bargain!

This Rancho Mirage place with a pool, hot tub, and sand volleyball court

If the thought of camping out on some stranger’s lawn doesn’t appeal to you, you can grab this spot in Rancho Mirage for just $2,500 per night.

And even though the place might seem nice with a volleyball court, pool table, and RV hookups, there is no mention of tacos 😕.