Let Cactus Hugs help you find those Christmas gifts

Here we go! The home stretch for Christmas gift buying season. This time of year can be pretty stressful (What if you get the wrong thing? Will they hate you forever? Are you a terrible human? Why is Christmas so hard!?!?), so we are extending a hand to try to help.

Here’s the deal, just fill out the form below with the info and we will get back to you with some gift suggestions for your family, loved ones, boss, hairstylist, kid’s teacher, or whoever you are doling out the presents to this year. We have affiliate partnerships with some websites, which might mean we get a small commission if you buy something, but you still pay the same price and we get to pay for web hosting and keep Cactus Hugs up and running in 2019! Win-win!

Just fill out this form and be sure to include things like who the gift is for, your budget, and any info that might be helpful (what kinds of things are they into). The hope is we will get back to you within 24 hours with some amazing suggestions (We have no idea how popular this will be, so if we get slammed it might be a little longer…but still with plenty of time to grab some things before the big day!).

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Note: if for some reason the form doesn’t work or show up on your device, you can send the info in an email to gifts at cactus hugs dot com.