Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

The Desert Trip 3-day music festival is just a few months away and, assuming the Coachella Valley does not melt first, come October Paul McCartney, the Stones, Neil Young, the Who, Roger Waters and Bob Dylan will be rocking in Indio. But, did organizers prefer Led Zeppelin to one of them? A new report says yes.

Showbiz 411 claims that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were afford a cool 14 million dollars to play Oldchella – but turned it down:

My sources say that Jimmy Page was all for it, but Robert Plant wouldn’t agree to any kind of reunion. “Jimmy went crazy,” one source told me. “He really wanted to do it.”

The acts that are booked are taking in a very nice $7 million per weekend, so yeah – that $14 million would have been the same as McCartney is getting.

And who knows?  Maybe Led Zep will play next year  – especially if they lose any significant coin in that Stairway to Heaven court case.

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