Walmart, that huge store you sigh as you walk into, has allegedly been selling fake craft beers, according to a lawsuit.

The lawsuit calls Walmart’s collaboration with Trouble Brewing “wholesale fiction,” notes Newser:

But here’s the catch: There’s no such US brewery. Government filings say the beer is actually made by WX Brands, and the address listed is for Genesee Brewing, which is based in Costa Rica and makes “cheap college-party staples.” So it’s little surprise one taste-tester describes Walmart’s Red Flag Amber as “good for flip cup.”

If you have had Genesee beer, well you know it is, well, let’s just say not good.

The lawsuit alleges that the beers do not meet any of the standards listed by the Brewers association, according to Consumerist.

The suit was filed in Ohio and seeks damages for anyone in the state who bought Trouble Brewing beer.

So yes, you could say that Walmart has some trouble…brewing.

You can see the lawsuit here.