Lawsuit claims Disneyland gang demanded ‘protection money’


Disneyland – the so-called happiest place on earth – has a gang war brewing amongst social clubs that has led to a lawsuit alleging one club demanded “protection money” from another club in order to conduct a fundraiser. A reminder, you are not reading The Onion and this is real life.

The LA Times reports on the lawsuit filed by the founders of the Main Street Fire Station 55 social club who accuse 19 members of the White Rabbits social club of defamation, conspiracy, invasion of privacy, and more.

John Sarno of Fire Station 55 claims in the lawsuit he was planning a fundraising walk for September 11, 2016 inside of Disneyland when he was approached by Jakob Fite, who heads the White Rabbits. Fite, along with four other members of the White Rabbits demanded $500 in “protection money” from Fire Station 55, says Sarno. When he refused to pay, Sarno says that Fite spread harmful rumors on his podcast and social media and
distributed Sarno’s medical information to “unauthorized users.”

The LA Times story is a fascinating look at the approximately 100 adult clubs who have biker vests, initiation rituals, and names like Neverland Mermaids, the Nightmare Crew, and the Tigger Army.

“We are grown-ups but we act like children in the parks,” a Nightmare Crew member told the newspaper.

Check out the story here.

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