‘Large amounts of marijuana and cash’ seized from Riverside County church


Riverside County’s Cannabis Regulation Task Force served search warrants on Friday at three dispensaries they believe were operating illegally.

According to the press release from the Riverside County District Attorney’s office, all three location – two in Jurupa Valley and one in Hemet – operated under the name of The Vault Church.

Specifics were not given, but the release stated that, “large amounts of marijuana and cash were seized by the task force.”

“We will pursue investigations into unlicensed and illegal dispensaries,” said DA’s Bureau of
Investigation Chief Joe DelGiudice. “These places operate outside of state laws and use unfair business practices that hurt legal dispensaries. They often supply untested and potentially harmful product to consumers, and promote criminal enterprise.”

The Vault Church of Open Faith in Jurupa Valley has said that marijuana is part of how they practice their faith.

“That is our sacrament the same way the Catholics have wine and bread for their sacrament,” Cesar, one of the church’s ministers told ABC 7 in August.

The church had been listed on Weedmaps, and lists products available for purchase, but Cesar said that it’s only so members can provide the minimum required donation or tithe for the sacrament.