Cops: mom used her two daughters to steal thousands from Landers liquor store

(Mojave Market as seen on Google Maps)
(Mojave Market as seen on Google Maps)
(Mojave Market as seen on Google Maps)

Police arrested a woman in Landers last week after they say she used her two daughters to help her steal thousands of dollars from a liquor store.

The incident was reported about 10:30 p.m. on February 2nd at Mojave Liquor, reports The Press Enterprise. According to the cops, Jennifer Brannon, 35, sent one of her daughters in to the store to distract the clerk, Jesus Cervantes, by asking him to reach something for her in the back of the store. While Cervantes was away, Brannon, wearing gloves and a cover over her face, stole a bank bag full of cash out of the register while her other daughter served as a “lookout”.

Brannon and the “lookout daughter” then drove a few miles away from the store. Brannon dropped her daughter off in the desert with the money and the clothing and gloves she wore during the robbery.

When Brannon went back to the liquor store to pick up her other daughter, she was greeted by San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies – who came to the store because the robbery alarm had been triggered by Cervantes.

Deputies found “the ‘lookout daughter'” several hours later, still in the desert, with the cash and clothing, which she had buried.

Brannon was arrested on suspicion of burglary and taken to the Morongo Jail.  She has since been released pending a court date.