La Quinta plans to spend $500,000 on new signs, sidewalks for auto dealers

(Google Maps)

The city of La Quinta, which appears to have more money than it knows what to do with, is looking to spend half a million dollars on new signs and sidewalks for three auto dealers along Highway 111.

As the Desert Sun reports, city officials don’t like the “older Flintstone-style signs” currently in place and are also not pleased with the countless vehicles parked along the sidewalk – which the city had previously forbid, then allowed in 2015.

The project, as outlined by La Quinta officials, would have the city (well, actually the city’s taxpayers) pay for the new sidewalks and cost of production of the signs. The dealerships would then pay to install the signs and for new lighting, landscaping, irrigation, and display pads to park vehicles on.

Two of the three dealers appear to be on-board with the plan, with Nissan not cooperating yet as they want to the project to stretch deeper into the auto center.

Read more and see the plans for the new signs here.