La Quinta is installing a very expensive bathroom for your pre-hike poops

(Facebook / Portland Loo)

La Quinta is putting in a single-stall restroom stall at the La Quinta Cove trailhead in the near future and, as a taxpayer, you should be sure to use it next time you go for a hike to get your money’s worth.

The council approved spending over half a million dollars on the entire project, which also includes required ADA improvements, shade, a drinking fountain, signs and improvements on the parking lot and adding handicapped parking and a concrete path, according to the Desert Sun.

As for the single-stall, well that alone will cost $104,000 – much to the surprise of the city council members who voted unanimously in favor of it.

“I was amazed when I turned the page and saw the cost, for just one stall,” said Councilwoman Kathleen Fitzpatrick, who thought it was for four stalls. “For one unit, I was flabbergasted.”

Other council members said they were equally surprised by the total cost when the project was presented to them at Tuesday’s meeting. But they and staff members have for years fielded requests from residents and hikers for a restroom at the trailhead.

“It’s the most expensive single-stall I’ve seen in the valley,” Mayor Linda Evans said.

Not sure how or why Evans has come up with single-stall pricing info across the valley, but, hey, how we spend our free time is our own business.

There are some nice features of the bathroom unit – including graffiti-proof steel walls and a design that fabricators say makes it easy to clean. A similar unit in Portland has its own website (!) and Instagram:

Not sure if the La Quinta one will as well, but it should and you know #DoYouPoopInLaQuintaBro is the mandatory hashtag.

The bathroom can also last up to 100 years – so, with any luck, your great-grandkids might be having their own pre-hike poop in it one day.