La Quinta has decided not to spend millions on the crappy old Sam’s Club building

Lat month, the City of La Quinta set aside millions in taxpayer dollars to purchase the old, shitty Sam’s Club building and, well, now they have (smartly) changed their mind, reports the Desert Sun.

Chris Escobedo, La Quinta community resources director, said the city is no longer interested in purchasing the blighted building on Highway 111 because the February 6 auction on the property has been postponed multiple times.

Following the city’s decision to abandon its efforts to buy the building, the La Quinta City Council voted to keep the $2 million it set aside for the purchase in its Land Acquisition Fund for future acquisitions.

The company conducting the auction for the property pulled a Suzanne Somers and postponed the entire auction – which makes one wonder if that means no one was interested in buying it?

And that would makes sense as under the sale terms, anyone who buys it can’t open up a big box store that would compete with Wal-Mart which is nearby – and what the hell else would you put in that big of a place?  Ahh, yes, an IKEA or a Fry’s…oh, one could dream.  Sigh.

So yeah, with a building that big, good luck with that.

Where’s Saxony when you need them?