LA is painting some streets white in order to cool shit down a bit


Despite what your uncle and a few assholes on Fox News say, the earth (and especially the Coachella Valley) just keeps getting hotter. While it seems there aren’t enough people doing something about this, Los Angeles is attempting to cool things off a bit by painting some roads white.

The paint, which is actually a very white grey (I know, this story is already fake news), is called CoolSeal, and, according to  Popular Science, it can lower the temperature of the road or a parking lot by 10 degreeswhich then cools everything off around it.

As with a lot of stuff, the idea was hatched by the military who needed a way for spy planes to stay cool while idling on a hot tarmac, so they came up with the whole white, errr light grey thing and it worked!

Eventually, they tried it out on parking lots in Encino and Canoga Park – which saw temperatures cool as much as 30 degrees, according to  A program involving a similar strategy of changing black roofs to white roofs, could reduce average temperatures in California by as much as two degrees, say experts.

Of course, one has to ask if something like this would ever find its way to the Coachella Valley roads and parking lots.  Well, considering our public officials still can’t figure out how to synchronize stop lights or come to an agreement on how the CV Link will work, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.